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light bulb comparison with so many different types of light bulbs on the market it can be difficult to know what to choose the chart below provides a quick technology comparison of a common household lamp the 60watt equivalent incandescent cfl or led bulb, lightbulb efficiency comparison chart lumens per watt where efficiency lives in bulbs lumens per watt shows how efficient a bulb is at converting power into light at 10 lumens per watt a 100 watt bulb is not very efficient the energy lost is converted into heat which is why incandescent bulbs are much hotter to the touch than cfl or led , led vs cfl vs halogen cree connected soft white a19 dimmable led light bulb 14 amazon crees connected led bulbs will work with wemo as well as the amazon echo plus samsungs , you can use lumens to compare the brightness of any bulb regardless of the technology behind it and regardless of whether its a halogen incandescent cfl or led using lumens helps you compare apples to apples when you shop for light bulbs once you know how bright a bulb you want you can compare other factors like the yearly energy cost cost comparison equivalent wattages and light output comparing the features choosing an led light bulb cfls are a temporary solution to energyefficient lighting arriving on the market when first generation led bulbs had a narrow and focused light beam and cost too much for many consumers, see the chart below to compare for yourself some restrictions apply for more details click here or click on the 4everled logo next to qualified items bulb selector click on any light bulb to see available colors or on color blocks to see bulbs available in that color warm white cool white daylight table lamps a17 a19 spiral flame tip, comparing led vs cfl vs incandescent light bulbs 3 minute read the ultimate guide by viri bright charts tables and more to compare different light bulbs you need to know about lumens lumens not watts tell you how bright a light bulb is no matter the type of bulb the more lumens the brighter the light, todays energyefficient bulbs are available in the wide range of colors and light levels youve come to expect while the initial price of energyefficient bulbs is typically higher than traditional incandescents newer bulbs cost less to operate saving you money over the life of the bulb best light bulbs light bulb buying guide now playing youll always have a concrete comparison of how bright any two bulbs actually are the bigger the lumen count the brighter the bulb , led light bulbs black lights halogen light bulbs the list goes on in all kinds of shapes sizes and watts so many light bulb choices incandescent light bulbs were the traditional light bulb standard for many years but led light bulbs are the new goto bulb for many reasons

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